PixMob patented technology enables wireless control of light-emitting PixMob objects. Like pixels in a display screen, objects change colour, pulse, fade, shimmer, responding to commands sent via infrared transmitters. Our transmitters are fully compliant with industry-standard lighting boards (such as DMX, ArtNet), 
and video systems (such as SDI, DVI). Real-time control also allows for spontaneous light and video effects. Just as a DJ works with music, the PixMob operator mixes visual effects, adapting to the moment and building excitement in the crowd.



1 A light board triggers effects to a PixMob NODE over Artnet. The NODE relays the cues to the PixMob WASH transmitters over DMX.

2 The PixMob WASH transmitters send instructions to pixels over wireless infrared.

3 The pixels change colour according to the light effects cued with the control system.


1 A video server sends a video feed to a PixMob VT transmitter over SDI.

2 The PixMob VT transmitter sends instructions to pixels at over 100,000 locations over wireless infrared in real-time.

3 The pixels change colour according to the colour information received at their location

Different features for different effects.

Available in 4 versions: PixMob IMPACT, PixMob LITE, PixMob PRO, and PixMob VIDEO are the different ways to wirelessly control any of our objects.


  • Objects are activated with motion or impact thanks to an embedded sensor
  • Bumps on impact from a palette of colors defined with the artist
  • No rig necessary
  • Small form factor

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  • Objects are controlled wirelessly to create monochromatic visual effects
  • Monochrome effects include waves, crossfades, strobes, shimmers
  • Low cost per pixel

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  • Objects are controlled wirelessly to create rich colourful visual effects
  • Full colour effects include crossfades, strobes, shimmers
  • Global, grouped or individual control of the objects
  • Data error checking to eliminate all interference

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  • Objects can display real-time video. Even when in motion, their colour adjusts to their physical location to create a global video image
  • 18-bit full colour video at 30 frames per second
  • Easy content creation, much richer visuals
  • Data error checking to eliminate all interference

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Amplify user experience with RFID

Use your event to turn attendees into fans, promoters and future customers. RFID technology allows you to control access to your event, learn more about your customers, develop your community and communicate about your event – well beyond the day itself.

A Mifare chip can be embedded in your PixMob object for :

  • Access control
  • Social media connection
  • Cashless payment
  • Brand activation

Case Study: Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend” enhanced by PixMob LED wristbands with integrated RFID chip

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