A Fan Favorite

High-impact brightness
Featuring 2 Ultra-Bright LEDs, our X2 is a fan-favorite to ignite joy across live music tours and large-scale events.
Unparalleled Sustainable Design
Made out of recycled materials, our X2 Infrared makes crowds shine and environmental footprints fade (and is also refurbishable!).
Versatile Personalization & Branding
With a fully brandable fabric wristband and QR code printing capabilities, you can make the X2 a seamless part of your event experience.
Powered using infrared technology, the X2 is capable of projecting advanced effects and graphics on your crowd in real-time. Fuel fandom and energize your crowd by directly connecting them to the show.

Best For

Large Venues
Arenas & Stadiums

Crowd-Wide Joy Ignition The X2 has been used by legendary artists, teams, and brands to amplify their fan experience.


2 Ultrabright RGB LEDs
Brandable casing
Fully brandable fabric wristband
QR code printing capabilities
Recyclable & refurbishable.

Battery Life

7 hours straight (depending on usage)