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At PixMob, sustainability is integrated into everything we do. Unlike most silicone-based products on the market, our wristbands and installation products are made from recycled plastics or compostable materials, and are reusable, refurbishable, and recyclable. Each PixMob product design features easy disassembly to make continuous use even easier. By closing the loop on live entertainment lighting tech and creating longer LED product life- cycles, our clients can create lasting fan memories without leaving footprints.
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We want to make impacts on people, not the planet.

6.4 tons

The amount of plastic waste we kept out of the landfill for one tour alone, that we plan to double by 2025.


Our date for eliminating all non-biodegradable materials from our products.


Our goals include streamlining 100% of our products to be efficiently refurbishable by 2030.