November 2nd, 2023

Moving Head: How it works

Bring crowd illumination to new levels

Give your crowd lighting creativity free reign with technology that stays one step ahead. The new PixMob Moving head is the ultimate tool for achieving never-before-seen lighting effects, empowering lighting designers, performers and audiences to enjoy crowd immersion on a whole new level. Greater design flexibility and increased illumination capacity makes it possible to lead the way in spatialized crowd effects, syncing more seamlessly with performance audio and visual cues to create a 360° sensory experience.

Precision movements, smoother colour transitions and more shape variations offer a broader range of creativity and more advanced executions, all of which can be simulated in our custom visualization tool and viewed from different angles for full creative control and thoroughly tested concepts.


Check out an interview with PixMob CTO Vincent Leclerc and discover the inner workings of the Moving Head! "We are ourselves amazed by the type of effects we can do with the Moving Heads." - Vincent Leclerc.


The new PixMob Moving head takes immersive lighting technology further than ever before. This advanced controller works with our LED objects to heighten crowd experiences and give lighting designers a whole new spectrum of impact and creativity.

Want to know more about the functionalities of the Moving Head? Check out this interview with Rafael Linares, Operator and Programmer at PixMob!