June 30th, 2021

PixMob x Montreal Canadiens - Making 3,500 Feel Like 35,000

When it comes to the playoffs, good teams need to pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to win. 

When it comes to the fan experience, it’s no different. Without fans in attendance for the previous 14 months, the Montreal Canadiens wanted to create an extra memorable experience to commemorate the return to live hockey for their semifinals series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Enter PixMob and the ultra-bright NOVA, our brightest pixel ever. With 5,000 NOVAs installed throughout the Bell Centre (in addition to 3,500 fan wristbands), the Montreal Canadiens were able to elevate the presence of their 3,500 fans and add amplify key moments throughout the night. 


PixMob invented the NOVA to better serve live events clients around the world, providing an option for a temporary lighting installation that can be placed anywhere in a venue. With the brightness of 10 wristbands, the NOVA empowers lighting designers to create electrifying lighting experiences with spatialized effects that can be synced with the rest of the show.

Prior to your event, the PixMob team works with you to create a venue experience that adds an extra special touch. For the Canadiens, PixMob was essentially given carte blanche to create everything for them. With input for the color scheme and sponsor-branding, PixMob was able to pre-program a variety of high-energy effects for the significant moments such as the game opening, national anthems and goal celebrations.

Given the quick turnaround time for this particular project, The PixMob team had to act fast to ensure that it was executed properly. Our staff arrived at the venue on the morning of the event to complete the setup. Additionally, our show operator created a visualizer during the day of the event to give the Canadiens an idea of what the light show would like prior to the game.

The NOVA is a highly versatile product. It can easily be attached to any fixture in your building, giving you the ability to design your light show as you see fit. The protective, water-resistant casing ensures that any raucous activity during your event does not disrupt the show. Powered by 3 AA batteries, the NOVA is low-maintenance as batteries are easily replaced. Additionally, with rental options available, the Nova is ideal for either recurring events or one-time activations.

Looking for a way to add an extra special touch to your next event? The NOVA allows you to create an unparalleled venue lighting experience that will amaze your audience and give them an experience that they will never forget. Contact us to see how we can help take your next event to the next level. Your fans deserve the best.