October 19th, 2022

The Summer of Revenge Entertainment

New live entertainment phenomenon follows wave of revenge travel.

Around the world the pandemic brought the live entertainment industry to a severe halt over the past two years. Amid recurring COVID-19 surges, people sought more media and entertainment at home, wishing to avoid larger in-person events.

But after so much time in isolation, entertainment goers have been taking their revenge!

"Never could we have imagined being so busy this summer, especially during the darkest months of the pandemic when the company wasn't even sure to make it through."

Jean-Olivier Dalphond, partner at PixMob

Since reopening our office in Montreal at the begining of the year, we have seen a boom in music tours, sporting events, festivals and other large-scale gatherings and they ALL want to take their experience to the next level.

Since restrictions have been lifted, people want to live large and make the most of every opportunity.

You've probably heard of Revenge Travel (the global phenomenon of people booking trips to 'take revenge' against the pandemic and making up for lost time), we now see the same thirst for larger, bolder, more extraordinary experiences in the entertainment industry. The ability to go to a show, be part of a crowd and feel uniquely united is more valuable now than it's ever been before. Artists who've been isolated as well want to be generous in their performance and find new ways to re-connect with their fans. 

The momentum is real and it's happening all around the world.

Globally, Live Nation reported promoting over 12,500 concerts for 33.5 million fans for the second quarter of 2022, each up over 20% relative to the second quarter of 2019. 

This summer we've seen eager music lovers show up in flocks at large scale festivals (such as Shambhala BC, NXNE Toronto, Osheaga Montreal or the Blues Fest in Ottawa), intimate shows and gatherings. We witnessed this new 'Revenge Entertainment' first-hand at many of the shows we lit up throughout the summer months from Coldplay to Bad Bunny, Imagine Dragons to the Weeknd.... and Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball. 

As we look forward, all signs continue pointing to a strong fan demand. Time will tell if this energy keeps up in the colder, typically slower, winter months but we are hopeful that entertainment lovers continue taking their Revenge.