Coldplay – Music of the Spheres World Tour

Setting new Standards in Sustainability

Coldplay came to us with a challenge; they wanted to innovate and tour sustainably. We took this mission seriously, inventing our brightest wristband with a casing made entirely of sustainable plastic. This new 7-LED wristband is the world’s first compostable plant-based plastic wristband. To match the Coldplay’s colourful discography, we have displayed the full spectrum of capabilities with spatialized effects, painting venues in various colours and elements as giant hearts.


World Tour




Custom compostable wristband

"I’m coming to realize after working with PixMob in this last tour that there’s always more room to create more magic."

Shaheem Litchmore

Lighting Director of Coldplay

In 2022 over 4M fans experienced our powerful visual effects using only 500,000 wristbands. Read more


Lower carbon footprint than regular plastic (PET) at 500 kg CO2 eq./tonne polymer.


of wristbands were recycled to be reused on average at every show

6,4 Tons

of battery waste out of the landfill for this tour alone.


total carbon emission reduction for the tour.

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