August 16th, 2023

QR Codes - The Gateway to Fan Engagement

At PixMob we constantly push fan engagement to the next level with our LED wristbands and crowd-favorite immersive lighting effects. But, these LED wearables offer more than just a jaw dropping live experience. By leveraging QR Code integration within hands-on live performance products, innovative artists, brands, and agencies are creating gateways to a deeper brand or sponsor experience. 

In this article, we share the inventive  ways our clients and partners have harnessed the power of simple QR code integration to enhance the live fan experience while generating additional revenue streams. 

Creating New Avenues for Fan Engagement & Revenue Generation

While QR codes are by no means a revolutionary technology, they reliably offer low friction, high conversion opportunities by creating easy additional avenues to engage fans. 

Gone are the days of endless queues at merch kiosks during events. By simply scanning the QR code printed on a PixMob wristband, fans gain swift access to an online merchandise store, eliminating on-site wait times and enabling products to be shipped directly to their homes. The flexibility of QR codes also empowers artists and sports teams to orchestrate exclusive drops and offer limited-time discounts, further igniting fan joy and bringing them closer to the experience. 

Success Stories

Coldplay achieved remarkable success during the Music of the Sphere World Tour by leveraging the QR code on PixMob's LED wristbands. This seamlessly directed fans to its merch store, offering the full range of inventory for the band’s fan-favorite merchandise The band managed to get a 15% conversion rate, resulting in enhanced revenue streams from a previously untapped distribution point.

The Los Angeles Rams seized the potential of QR codes during Thursday Night Football in December 2022 to grant fans exclusive access to discounted NFL All Day NFTs. This gave fans a new way to be a part of the game, and drove traffic to the NFL NFT platform, amplifying the team's reach and revenue potential.

The NBA All-Stars leveraged the QR Code on PixMob’s LED wristbands to invite their fans to vote for the best dunk of the game. The QR code directed fans to a designated landing page with videos of the finalist dunks, so fans could watch and cast their vote. This turned out to be an exciting way to extend the game play and make fans feel like MVPs themselves. 

QR codes are also agile, and can be reconfigured on a moment’s notice. During Bad Bunny's Global Tour, when Puerto Rico was struck by a hurricane, he reconfigured his QR code to direct fans to a donation site supporting relief efforts. This rapid redirection transformed an entire stadium into a massive amount of potential donors who were one click away from making a contribution.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

Fan engagement doesn’t have to stop at the stage. QR codes unlock a realm of augmented experiences that expand the connection to fans beyond the live experience. PixMob’s QR Code enabled LED wristbands put the power of engagement directly in the hands of your fans. They can gain access to exclusive content, participate in contests and lucky draws, and can experience heightened interactivity at designated moments during the event. This immersive engagement fosters lasting connections between fans, brands, and the event itself. 

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