Our permanent crowd-immersive lighting solution

From Unlit Crowds to Enlightened Fans
This dependable LED device is our brightest product yet. Custom-fitted to your seat, it seamlessly blends into your venue, turning traditionally unlit crowds into a canvas of creativity.
No Wires. Ever.
Mounted to a seat in 50 seconds, the NOVA Plus lasts for a full sports or event season. Turn your crowd into a vivid tapestry of immersive, interactive engagement.
Transform Venues, Transport Audiences
Designed for the new era of immersive live entertainment, where crowd is king.
Imagine offering the dazzling PixMob experience at any time. For venue owners, sport teams and outdoor or semi-permanent sites, we’ve invented NOVA Plus.
NOVA Plus Single use? How about endless use.


Infrared (IR) Controlled
Perfect for sponsors,
and visiting performers for monetization

Live System Monitoring

Battery status
LED status
Electronics status

Installation & Maintenance:

Custom fitted brackets for easy installation
Tamper proof and liquid proof
Swappable, Rechargeable Battery Pack
The system can be wireless with swappable battery packs,
or integrated to your power distribution system for greater
performance and easier maintenance.


Ultra-bright LED on each seat
16 million colors output
Compatible with PixMob's most advanced effects
Operated by your AV personnel
Works for 50 shows of 15 minutes (extra power mode available)
NOVA Plus clients also receive access to our pre-viz software to
create and showcase custom content.